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Weather brings all the extremes to bear on your biggest investment, your home. The exterior
of your house is always under attack from the elements. Peeling paint and caulk, dry rot,
mildew, mold, algae growth are lurking, ready to gain a foothold and destroy your home's
asthetics and weaken your home's structure and your investment!

It is a good thing that all it takes is 1 or 2 coats of high quality paint to help your home repel
the elements. Homes can be returned to their good looks through Ace Exterior and
Remodeling's carpentry, painting & staining services. We can stain decks, cabanas and
fences, all get special treatment.

Your knowledgeable Ace Exterior and Remodeling team can show you how we can bring
lustre back to your home's exterior. Our staff has the experience and skills to keep your
home looking it's best. Even if all it needs is a professional power wash.  Replacing exterior
trim work, painting. staining and caulking are all services Ace Exterior and Remodeling can
offer you; all done with the same high standards that we bring to our interior work.  We
provide color consultation if needed for all exterior painting and staining services.

Exterior services offered:




Power washing  of brickwork, siding, windows, walkways

Trim carpentry

Deck refinishing; deck staining